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The kit you need for rapid installation

It takes half the people half the time to install our temporary acoustic barriers compared to competitor products. That’s because Echo Barriers are lightweight, cleverly designed, and come with the best fixings and accessories on the market.

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Our robust hooks have been designed to securely attach Echo Barrier products to most temporary fencing systems—for smaller diameter fencing, simply reverse the hook. When additional noise control is needed, our barriers are designed to be double layered on the same hooks.

Fitting Kit

Echo Barrier supplies the only purpose-designed acoustic barrier fitting kit on the market. Available for fencing or scaffolding, each kit contains two elastic ties and a hook: the corner of one barrier hangs on the hook of its adjoining barrier. You only need one kit per barrier.

Vertical Fitting Kit

Our vertical fitting kits allow you to hang barrier-from-barrier securely to create a vertical screen. Perfect for addressing challenges on more unusual—and difficult—projects.

Elastic Ties

Our specially designed elastic ties help you rapidly secure our barriers in place, making sure there’s no acoustic leakage.

Anti-theft Cable

Simply weave our vinyl-covered multi-strand cable through the eyes of each barrier and the fencing, and secure with a padlock through each looped end.

Double Palm Safety Glove

Heavy-duty, reinforced gloves with extra palm and index finger fortification protect workers’ hands while handling and installing our barriers.