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Our Videos

Echo Barrier in action

Echo Barrier H series installation

How to install the Echo Barrier H9 and other H-Series Echo Barriers on temporary fencing and similar structures.

Features of the Echo Barrier H9

Features of the Echo Barrier H9 including links and safety warnings

Echo Barrier H9™ use with traffic control barriers

Demonstrating the use of the H9 barrier with the Bull Barrier traffic control system.

Use of Echo Barriers vertically on scaffolding

Echo Barrier configured in a vertical form on scaffolding using the hanging kit

PB3 Pedestrian Noise reduction barrier

For use with standard pedestrian barriers to providing noise and debris protection

The Echo barrier H6 sonic

The Echo Barrier H6, when the ultimate noise protection is required.

The Echo Barrier Cutting Station enclosure

Echo Barrier's CS cutting station provides a perfect temporary enclosure that allows loud cutting operations to take place safely, directly at the worksite.

Rotary Hammer Noise Reduction

This Hilti TE 60 A-36 Rotary Hammer Drill was emitting more than 103 dB at full exposure. With an enclosure of Echo Barrier H9 portable acoustic barriers, a 26 dB reduction in noise was achieved.

Concrete Cutting Noise Reduction

This Hilti DSH 600-X Petrol Saw was emitting up to 107 dB at full exposure, and with an enclosure of Echo Barrier H9 portable acoustic barriers, a 24 dB reduction in noise was achieved.

Jackhammer Noise Reduction

With an enclosure of Echo Barrier H9 portable acoustic barriers, the noise from this Hilti TE 1000-AVR breaker was brought down from a peak of 107-108 dB by 24 decibels.

Acoustic Generator Sound Enclosure

Generator noise is a common issue for contractors and events organisers alike. Echo Barrier sound barriers help reduce the likelihood of disruption caused by generator noise.

Rolling and Transporting Echo Barriers

The Echo Barrier portable noise control system is the highest-performing noise abatement tool of its kind, reducing noise on construction sites, events, in demolition, oil & gas, road works, mining, and other industries around the world.

Washing and Maintenance

Given their impermeability to water, cleaning Echo Barriers is as simple as hosing down with a pressure washer.

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