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Noise abatement that meets your needs

Echo Barrier are market leaders in controlling noise pollution and eliminating nuisance noise. We work across diverse verticals, including industry, construction and live events. Our knowledgeable team apply scientific methodology and have created a wide range of noise control barriers. Our designs are award-winning – the most effective on the market – lightweight, durable, and weatherproof. What is more we achieve all that while being kind to the environment.

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Quick Deployment

When working to strict schedules and budgets time is of the essence. Echo Barrier’s temporary acoustic solutions can be rolled out 400% faster than alternatives, using 50% less labour. With enhanced design features and fittings that make assembling and hanging so easy just one labourer can install our solutions in no time. Our barriers can be rolled up too, making transportation, storage, and manual handling more efficient.

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Echo Barrier sound curtains are 100% weatherproof to IPX6, IPX9 and BS 7837:1996 Our products maintain optimum sound absorption even in the dampest of weather. Our barriers are able to withstand rigorous maintenance, and will not be damaged by cleaning with jet-wash even at high levels of psi. Alternative manufacturers only waterproof one side, and use absorbent materials such as rock-wool, which diminishes in performance in wet conditions.

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Internationally recognised design

Research proves that projects using well finished and maintained fencing receive far fewer complaints, up to three times less complaints in fact. Echo Barrier’s range boasts award-winning design, and our products are hand finished, waterproof, and seriously durable. Echo Barrier products demonstrate to the community that you are serious about reducing noise pollution, and as our products are fully customisable you can add your logo to enhance brand perception and awareness that much more.

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Market-leading durability

Echo Barrier’s range is long-lasting and incredibly durable. Built from high spec materials each product is designed with durability and continued performance in mind. Our temporary barriers last up to five times longer than alternatives on the market, and boast a shelf life of 10 years. UV resistant and 100% weatherproof our range offers exceptional lifetime value.

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Outstanding sound control

Echo Barrier’s range of temporary acoustic solutions are market leading, offering the most effective noise control solutions available, as tested in both lab and the field. As innovators in acoustics manufacturing we craft high spec materials that pair exceptional performance with low weight. Rapidly deployed, our noise barriers are mobile and portable, so optimum site geometry can be both attained and maintained. This allows barriers to be placed as close to the noise source as possible, enhancing performance by up to 100 times.

Our Story

Renowned acoustics expert Peter Wilson launched Echo Barrier with a determination to improve the solutions on the market. With over 30 years experience he was acutely aware of the noise pollution challenges faced by both live events and industry.
Echo Barrier’s first product was released in 2010, and we have been improving community relations and environmental health ever since, winning contracts across, road, construction, rail, mining, live events, and many other industry verticals.

Echo Barrier have enjoyed high profile success with projects at the World Trade Center, Sydney Light Railway, and the London 2012 Olympics.
The Australia office opened in 2015, to cover Australia, New Zealand, and the wider Western Pacific region.
R&D remains the bedrock of Echo Barrier’s success, with Peter and his expert team seeking continued product improvement. As the range expands Echo Barrier are true market leaders in diminishing noise pollution.



Echo Barrier is born and the world’s market leading noise control solution is launched

Acoustics expert Peter Wilson introduces his new acoustic barriers to the market.
They’ve been helping construction, rail and live events companies, and local authorities cut noise pollution all around the world ever since.


Success in the 'Noise Oscars'

Echo Barrier win great acclaim from the Noise Abatement Society with a John Connell award commendation.
The company moves into its HQ in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.


Further innovation

The new Echo H3 barriers and H20 acoustic enclosures are launched.
Unprecedented demand sees the company opening new offices.
Official classification of our products as waterproof, cold-resistant and fire-resistant, after passing tough standards.
The company receives a 5-star rating from the Carbon Trust.


Echo Barrier wins landmark deal with US giant United Rentals

Performance and innovation march hand in hand.
The Echo H3 barrier gets a new sound-damping core, and now reduces noise by up to 30db.
The company introduces the new and improved H20 acoustic enclosure.
The H2, PB3, SG3 and H3 barriers pass stringent MIRA wind tests.
Echo Barrier signs a landmark deal with United Rentals.
With success increasing fast Echo Barrier move to new larger premises in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.


Further expansion and a new range of barriers

Echo Barrier continues to grow and expand in the US
Echo Barrier launches a new range of barrier and enclosures, expanding and improving options for contractors


New products and the start of US manufacturing

Echo Barrier opens its first US manufacturing plant in Minnesota producing barriers for the North American market The new range of H series barriers launched, the H9 and H10


43dB and expansion to Dublin

Exhaustive lab tests on the H9 and H10 show that maximum attenuation is now up to a world beating 43dB . In further expansion, Echo Barrier opens new offices in Dublin

The team puts innovation and on-site performance at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly developing new ways to improve noise control so that our customers can be confident our products really work.

Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Echo Barrier

Strict adherence to scientific methodology, testing, and love of design has brought excellence to the forefront of Echo Barrier’s product range, to deliver the market’s foremost noise abatement barriers. This commitment to technical quality ensures our products deliver best of breed in transmission loss and acoustic absorption.

We perform in both the lab and the field, thanks to high spec materials brought together with a hand finish. Able to withstand all weathers and perform in even the harshest environment, Echo Barrier’s noise pollution solutions are a by-word for industry standard excellence.

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Service & technical support

Our expert team have so much experience, and are always on hand, 24/7, to advise on projects throughout the life-cycle. We give guidance on positioning, assembly, deployment, moving, and get-out. Whatever noise pollution issues you are facing we are happy to help and able to assist.

Customer Service

Doing our bit for the environment

Noise pollution has a seriously detrimental effect on the health of individuals, communities, and even entire workforces. It is strongly linked to stress, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Echo Barrier are proud to lead the way in reducing noise pollution, reducing it by up to 97% in both live events and the workplace, improving community and environmental health in the process.
We respect the environment, and know industry has a serious role to play. We embed sustainability as far as possible into our manufacturing, supply chain, and operations, removing harmful substances from the process, using 70% recycled materials. Furthermore we minimise waste with a recycling and buyback scheme that delivers value right back to our customers, while following all the Carbon Trust guidelines to the letter. We are proud of our 5 star Carbon Trust rating, and are just waiting to get our ISO14001 Environmental standard for environmental management.

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